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Hotel/School/Hospital Boiler

Hotel/School/Hospital Boiler

Heating Boiler is a necessary equipment for human life. In many places, such as hospital, school and hotel, etc, industrial boilers are used for central heating and hot water supplying. For these places, the boiler should be safe and clean. Zhongding Boiler produce various boilers with high safety performance, low energy cost, and high thermal efficiency.

Uses of Boilers in Hospital / School / Hotel

Hospital - cloth sterilization, appliance sterilization, laundry, etc.
School - showing, washing, central heating, cooking, etc.
Hotel - bathing, sterilization, swimming, central heating, cooking, etc.

Boiler Characteristics in Hotel/School/Hospital Industry

Boiler used for hospital, school and hotel should be clean and safe, so it is better to use low pressure or atmospheric boiler. Both steam boiler and hot water boiler could be used for these places. Steam boiler is used for cooking laundry, and sterilization. Hot water boiler is used for bathing, central heating and swimming pool, etc. Hospital and school should select the suitable boiler based on specific application.

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Oi Gas Boiler with Atmospheric Pressure

Recommended Boiler

Oi Gas Boiler with Atmospheric Pressure

  • Capacity: 0.5t/h~20t/h
  • Fuel: heavy oil, diesel, natural gas, LPG, city gas, coke gas, etc.
  • The boiler is equipped with low-NOx emission burner, high combustion efficiency, environmental friendly.
  • The boiler working under atmospheric pressure, very safe when operate.

Other Alternative Boiler Model


Zhongding Boiler Strength

Zhongding Boiler is technological innovation-based enterprise in domestic boiler industry, and the largest research and development base of low speed circulating fluidized bed boiler in China, owns more than 15 patents on CFB boiler, waste heat recovery boiler, and other industrial boilers.

Zhongding Boiler Strength Zhongding Boiler Strength Zhongding Boiler Strength

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