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Sugar Mill Boiler

Sugar Mill Boiler

Sugar industry is not only the basic industry of food industry, but also the raw material industry of papermaking, chemical industry, fermentation, medicine, building materials, furniture and other products, which occupies an important position in the national economy. Sugar industry is a highly mechanized and continuous modern production industry. The production process includes almost all major chemical units, the production scale is larger than all other food processing industries.

Boiler Characteristics in Sugar Industry

In a sugar mill, steam is used primarily for generating power, concentrating sugar juices, and drying sugars. The economic viability of the cane sugar mill largely depends upon the use of bagasse as a fuel to generate power and process steam. Otherwise, the other biomass fuels (wood, straw, etc.) could also be used to decrease the cost on boiler fuel. Oil and gas fuel could also be used in sugar mill, it has the advantages of no pre-treatment, burnt constantly, high combustion efficiency, etc. Zhongding Boiler designs different types boilers that could burn different fuels, and also could customize the specific boiler based on the users’ requirement.

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CFB Boiler

Recommended Boiler

CFB Boiler

  • Capacity: 6~35t/h
  • Fuel: different type coal and biomass fuel
  • Cyclone combustion systeam achieves high combustion efficiency.
  • CFB boiler can meet the requriement of production and cogeneration at the same time.

Other Alternative Boiler Model


Zhongding Boiler Strength

Zhongding Boiler is technological innovation-based enterprise in domestic boiler industry, and the largest research and development base of low speed circulating fluidized bed boiler in China, owns more than 15 patents on CFB boiler, waste heat recovery boiler, and other industrial boilers.

Zhongding Boiler Strength Zhongding Boiler Strength Zhongding Boiler Strength

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