25 tons of tunnel waste heat boiler of Guangxi Luzhai chemical fertilizer Co.



Guangxi Luzhai chemical fertilizer Co., Ltd. located in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, northeast of Luzhai County, Luo Qing River, Guangxi Investment Group Holdings Limited is a state-owned large-scale fertilizer production enterprises, the company covers an area of 1174700 square meters, 21.38 billion yuan of total assets, the existing employees more than 3000 people, including all types of professional and technical personnel nearly 500 people. Since its establishment in 1964, deer of general factory has gone through 40 years of ups and downs, especially in the era of reform and opening up, companies continue to forge ahead, development and expansion, now has developed into a 10 million tons of ammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate 24 million tons, 30 million tons of calcium magnesium phosphate, calcium superphosphate 100000 tons, the annual production capacity of 35 million tons of compound fertilizer the FCMP production backbone enterprises of Guangxi and the phosphate and compound fertilizer material production and sales of the largest enterprises. Enterprise of fertilizer production has a long history and strong technical force, rich fertilizer production experience and a solid management foundation, production technology and advanced equipment, production by scientific formula and automatic control system and advanced quality control means, strictly in accordance with the national standards organization of production, the production of "Xi Feng" card and "state of the deer" brand series of fertilizer products, stable and reliable quality, excellent quality, yield increasing effect significantly.On August 18, 2011, my company and Guangxi Luzhai chemical fertilizer limited liability company signed a "25t/h-3.82-450 tunnel type waste heat boiler supply contract", by my company responsible for the tunnel type waste heat boiler and auxiliaries, all of the installation debugging work.

Three wastes mixed burning furnace waste heat boiler is a device for gas chemical waste gas, waste residue, waste heat waste mixed burning furnace after recovery, waste heat energy saving and environmental protection products. The waste heat of the flue gas with high temperature (800-1000 DEG C), with the characteristics of high dust content, our company to develop the industry waste heat boiler mainly vertical and tunnel kiln horizontal natural circulation waste heat boiler, the boiler is chemical recycling economy typical energy utilization equipment, it and three wastes mixed burning furnace and blowing furnace supporting the overall, make production enterprises fully realize the "second coal variable coal," two furnace furnace ", generate huge economic benefits and environmental benefits for the enterprise, truly the safety, environmental protection, increase production, improve efficiency, save.

This type of waste heat boiler water-cooling panel, superheater, a convection bank, economizer and air preheater heating surface, also accept the three wastes mixed burning furnace water cooling part as it becomes heated parts. My company's three wastes mixed burning furnace and blowing gas waste heat boiler has taken a number of effective measures in the aspects of the rear heating surface corrosion.

Main technical parameters: rated evaporation 10-100t/h rated steam pressure is less than 9.8Mpa

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