5t Gas fired Condensing Steam Boiler for Lebanon


5t Gas fired Condensing Steam Boiler for LebanonModel: WNS1.5-1.25-Q.Y
Rated Evaporation Capacity:1.5t/h
Rated Pressure:1.25
Rated Steam Temperature: 194℃
Thermal Efficiency: 98%
Fuel: City gas
Application: Hotel

The boiler is used for hotel central heating. As Lebanon is a tourism country, the policy for environment protection is very strict. According to the local conditions, we designed the WNS condensing steam boiler with high efficiency and low consumption. use the waste heat of flue gas exhausted from the end of boiler to increase the inlet water temperature, and reduce the exhaust gas temperature to 95 ℃. It adopts finned tubes to increasing heating area and heat transfer efficiency. Thermal efficiency is extremely high (98%). While the emissions of NOX, COX, and SOX harmful substances is reduced. It is an optimal environmental boiler for this project.

Other Features of Zhongding WNS Series Condensing Steam Boiler

1. Three-pass wet back design, packaged fire tube layout 2. Strong load adaptability 3. PLC automatic protection controller and multi-function safety explosion proof equipment to ensure safe operation 4. Convenient for maintain, detect and clean 5. Whole corrugated furnace reinforces the disturbance of flue gas, increase the strength and elasticity of furnace 6. Fully automatic burners achieving highly efficient boiler combustion 7. Special seal of the front and back of smoke box, completely avoid gas lead, and gas can be reusable.

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