15ton SZL Series Rice Husk Fired Boiler For Animal Feed Factory


SZL Rice Husk Fired Boiler
Model: SZL 15-1.25-T 
Rated evaporation capacity: 15ton
Working pressure: 12.5bar
Rated steam temperature: 194
Feed water temperature: 105
Thermal efficiency: 80%
Application: animal feed factory
Fuel: rice husk

Characteristics of SZL Series Rice Husk Fired Steam Boiler

1. The furnace radiation heat area of this new type SZL series boiler is 50% larger than before, improve the steam output.
2. Use the light furnace wall, the thermal inertia decreases 70%.
3. Use the water cooling sealing structure for membrane wall, decrease the radiation loss and smoke heat loss, increase the thermal efficiency.
4. The grate length is 500~1000mm longer than before, extends fuel combustion time, decreases carbon content in boiler slag, improves combustion efficiency.
5. Use rolling bearing to avoid the problems of overheating and seizing regularly.
6. The structure of fore-and-aft arch is water-cooling “wet arch”, improves the strength of arch, keeps the constant temperature in furnace, and protects the furnace arch.
Push-pull type damper ash removal device is employed, effectively prevents deformation of secondary combustion and grate air leakage.

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