60 ton Mixed Waste fired Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for Chemical Plant


 Model: Q185/930-60-5.29/485  Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Rated evaporation capacity: 60 ton
Working pressure: 5.29MPa
Rated steam temperature: 485℃
Feed water temperature: 104℃
Heating area: 5151㎡
Inlet gas capacity: 185000 m³/h
Application: chemical plant
Fuel: chemical mixed waste
Mixed Waste fired Waste Heat Recovery Boiler is a high efficient and energy saving product, it recycles the waste heat, which comes from the combustion of mixed exhaust gas, waste residue, and waste heat. The characteristics of the waste gas are high temperature heat (800 to 1000 degrees Celsius) and high dust content (15g / Nm3). Zhongding Boiler developed two categories natural circulate waste heat boiler - vertical and horizontal tunnel kiln. This type boiler is an economic energy saving equipment for chemical plant, safe and environmental protection.
Mixed Waste fired Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

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