Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler for Sri Lanka


Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler for Sri Lanka

Model: DZH2.8-0.7/95/70-AII
Rated Thermal Power: 2.8MW
Rated Pressure: 0.7MPa
Rated Supply Water Temperature: 95℃
Rated Return Water Temperature: 70℃
Thermal Efficiency: 80%
Fuel: Bituminous coal
Application: Milk processing industry

Features of DZH Series Coal Fired Hot Water Boiler:
1. Compact structure, small capital investment
2. Convenient for installation and maintain
3. Screw thread smoke tube improve thermal efficiency (83%)
4. Membrane water wall structure and spark holding wall in furnace improve combustion efficiency
5. Advanced technology: header back water ejection, arched tube plate, thread smoke tube, etc.
6. Avoid problems of bulge, tube plate crack, water wall tube burst, etc.
7. Dust suppression design meet the standard of environmental protection.
8. The grate can be designed as chain grate, moving grate, reciprocal grate.

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