Agents Cooperation

Zhongding Boiler Co., Ltd recruits outstanding agents all around the world. Cooperate with each other to build a development platform, and achieve a win-win situation.
The conditions are as follows:
1. Normal operating company legal person.
2. Has a certain market relations and scale.
3. Understanding the local boiler industry clearly.
4. Has a certain financial strength.
5. Company should be operated legal, no bad record.

After joining, agents enjoy:
1. Free company training and technical guidance.
2. Participate or assist in sales.
3. product promotional materials.
4. Product guide price.
5. Perfect after sales service.
6. Support on other aspects of support.
6. The exclusive agency rights.

Application process:
1. Fill in the application form of the agent (give a call to +86 371 55002937 for the agent application form).
2. Fax or scan the form and email to our company for approval.
3. Wait for the email notification application results.
4. invited to visit the company, signed the agency agreement.
5. Completed and start cooperate.