3500kw Biomass Thermal Oil Boiler For Serbia

Date:2016-08-24 10:20:00

\Model: YLL-3500MA
Rated Power: 3500KW
Design Pressure: 1.1Mpa
Highest Working Temperature: 350℃
Thermal Efficiency: 75%
Fuel: corncob pellet, wheat straw
Application: building materials industry
Customer would like to use an energy saving boiler for his building material industry. As Serbia is a big crop farming country, he uses the corncob pellet or wheat straw as the fuel, which can save cost. Based on the requirement, he prefers the thermal oil boiler. 
Features of YLL Series Thermal Oil Boiler:
1. Energy saving heating equipment
2. Strong adaptability of different fuels.
3. High heating temperature, low working pressure.
4. Fully automatic chain grate.
5. Large combustion space, sufficient combustion and output.
6. Spiral coil is make of small diameter steel pipe, low stress.
7. Three return flue gas, medium flows with uniform velocity, safe and stable operation.
8. Automatic control device to ensure safe and reliable operation.