75ton CFB Boiler Used for Biomass Power Generation

Date:2019-07-19 10:17:05


75ton CFB boiler used for power generation in Luoyang, the fuel is biomass fuel, and the boiler model is ZDG75-3.82, the temperature offered is about 450℃, and the design thermal efficiency of the CFB boiler is higher than 86%. This CFB boiler is equipped with flue gas desulfurization and dust removal equipment, the flue gas emission could meet the environmental requirement. The flue gas desulfurization equipment adopts the way of multistage spray wet flue gas desulfurization process, the absorbent is liquid sodium hydroxide, SO2 emission concentration could be lower than 30mg/Nm3, and dust emission concentration could be lower than 10mg/Nm3.

Zhongding CFB Boiler

Zhongding biomass CFB boiler is national patent product of Zhongding Boiler. The boiler is consist of combustion chamber, separator, fly ash circulating system, superheater, convection bank, economizer, and air preheater. The boiler inherits the original technology advantages, at the same time, makes big breakthrough on the technology of cyclone fluidized combustion, cyclone separator, and loop seal device. The thermal efficiency of biomass power plant boiler is about 5% higher than the other CFB boilers.

The CFB boiler can not only power plant for power generation, but also used for various industries, such as sugar plant, chemical industry, paper industry, and city central heating, etc.

Specific Technical Breakthrough of Zhongding CFB Boiler

1. Cyclone Combustion
Technology Arrange cyclone combustion device in furnace, achieves cyclone fluidized circulating combustion, improve combustion efficiency.

2. Double Cyclone Separator
After separated by the second cyclone, the fuel powder particles return to furnace for circulating combustion through the separate loop seal. The diameter of particles could be cut into 10μ by separator, improve the combustion efficiency.

3. Parametrization Design on Separator
Using the results of latest experiment, redesign the parameter of separator, optimize the line and size of cyclone separator, the separate efficiency improved greatly.

4. Bubbling Fluidized Loop Seal Technology
Using the hood bubbling fluidized integrate loop seal device, achieve the situation of bubbling fluidized. It has the advantages of material feed steadily, convenient control, and avoid coking.