10ton Waste Heat Recovery Boiler Used for Sludge Treatment

Date:2019-09-05 18:15:16


Boiler Parameter

Design Steam Capacity: 10t/h
Steam Pressure: 1.25 MPa
Steam Temperature: 210℃
Feed Water Temperature: 105℃
Blow Down Rate: 5%
Exhaust Smoke Temperature: 182.7℃
Inlet Smoke Flow Rate: 25000Nm3/h
Inlet Smoke Temperature: 900℃
10t/h waste heater recovery boiler is used for sludge treatment. Actually, waste heat recovery boiler is non-standard product, it have to be designed based on the specific details, such as smoke flow rate, smoke temperature, and smoke ingredient. customers have to offer the smoke ingredient analysis report, and then we could choose the pipe materials and related equipment.

This waste heat recovery boiler is double drum horizontal type water tube boiler, the smoke gas flow through coagulation slag tube, superheater, convection bank, steel tube economizer, and discharged out of the boiler finally. The coagulation slag made of the front water tube (ψ51),and the economizer is ND steel arangement fine structure, improve the ability to resist corrosion, prolong the economizer life period.

Waste heat recovery boiler is energy saving boiler, could change waste into wealth, which is popular in different kind of industries, especially in power plant, glass industry, coking industry, pyrite-based sulfuric acid product industry, fertilizer plant, chemical industry (methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, formaldehyde, synthesis ammonia), cement manufacturing, co-generation and concentrated heating for carbon rotary kiln, etc.

Zhongding Boiler concentrates to R&D on waste heat recovery boiler, and there are many patent products, we could customize design according to different industries characteristics.


The main waste heat recovery boiler models are:

Horizontal three wastes mixed burning blown gas waste heat water
Carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler
Tank type carbon waste waste heat boiler
Coking waste heat boiler (after burning)
Hazardous waste incineration of waste heat boiler
CDQ waste heat boiler, glass kiln waste heat boiler
Sintering machine waste heat boilers, sulfuric acid heat boiler
Oil catalytic cracking of waste heat boiler 
Non-ferrous metal smelting waste heat boiler
Steel smelting wate heat boiler
Pure low temperature waste heat boiler in cement kiln
Gas turbine waste heat boiler