2019 Boiler Revolution Carries Forward Comprehensive Control of Air Pollution

Date:2019-11-15 13:58:17

At the start of November, Chinese Government introduce a policy to control air pollution in 2019~2020, one of the methods is to accelerate the boiler revolution, and reinforce biomass boiler treatment.

1. Control the coal consumption strictly. All provinces have to control the coal usage on new regions, and decrease the coal usage on other application except electric generation, especially, decrease the coal usage in those industries which has high energy consumption, high exhaust gas emission, and excess capacity. Also, close down the low efficiency co-generation industry, where there are large co-generation unites large than 300MW within the area of 15 Kilometer. Moreover, for the industrial furnace, change coal fuel into clean & low-carbon energy or industry waste heat.

2. Build an excellent system of natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing. Governments should expedite the natural infrastructure construction, to ensure the natural gas could be produced as planned. Local governments, urban gas enterprises, non-interruptible large enterprise, and gas supply enterprises should fasten the construction speed of gas storage facilities.

3. Eliminate small capacity coal boiler (including boiler used for tea, grain storage drying equipment, agricultural greenhouse, and livestock farm). Before December, lower than 35t/h coal fired boilers in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui should be eliminated, and boilers higher than 65t/h should be transformed into extra low emission.

4. Strengthen biomass boiler management. Biomass boilers should be equipped with high efficiency dust removal device, such as cyclone and bag-type dust collector, coal, garbage, and industrial solid wastes are not allowed to be fired mixed with biomass boiler. Biomass boilers larger than 4t/h should be equipped with automatic smoke emission monitoring facilities, the boilers don’t equipped with automatic monitoring facilities should change the dust bag every year.

5. Reform gas boiler into low NOx emission boiler. The emission concentration should lower than 50mg/m3, and the specific standard should follow local discharge standards.

Zhongding Boiler always follow National goals, and concentrate on low pollution boilers including coal boiler, biomass boiler, and low NOx emission oil gas boiler, we could also design boilers based on customers’ specific requirement.

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