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LSS Series Oil / Gas Steam Boiler

Rated Capacity : 0.1~1t/h
Pressure : 0.4~1.0 Mpa
Certificate : ISO9001, CE, BV, SGS, ASME
Fuel : Light diesel oil、heavy oil、natural gas
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Product Description
LSS Vertical Series Steam Boiler is three-pass steam boiler with top-fired burner. The flame can completely spread from the top to the bottom and burn sufficiently. The gas makes a three-return heat transfer, so the heat loss is reduced and the thermal efficiency is higher.
LSS Vertical Series Steam Boiler can be wildly used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, light industry, textile, building materials, farming, food and beverage, plastics and foam, printing & dyeing and washing, rubber processing, paper making, paper, wood processing, hotels, garment leather, etc. 
This series boiler can also be applied to generate electricity at some districts where electricity power is in short. So are a variety of industrial productions, living & remote areas, and oil field. Even they can be used as a power plant boiler start-up.

1. Compact structure,small footprint
The boiler floor space is reduced as much as possible, after the precision calculation by our professional engineers and on the premise of guarantee the boiler output, thus the user can save the space and cost.
2. Sufficient heating
The boiler heating area is sufficient, fully absorb the effective heat, the exhaust gas temperature is low, thermal loss is low, thus it can have sufficient heating and big radiation heating surface.
3. Quick steam production, high steam quality
This kind of boiler takes only 20 minutes from cold running to full load due to its own features, and it is applicable for the condition of on-off operation, can provide steam quickly and timely. It adopts the steam separator inside the drum to separate steam, thus can guarantee the steam dryness.
4. Reliable pressure and water level protection, high safety performance
The boiler volume is small,thus degree of damage caused probably is smaller than other boilers.And the safety performance is higher due to various controlling protection,such as the pressure and water level protection,super smoke temperature protection.
5. Quick-loading,easy to install
LSS series boiler is small size quick-loading boiler,vibration is low when operation,no special requests on foundation.
6. Environmental protect. The boiler has the function of dust removal, which makes the soot discharge meet the national environmental standards requirements.

LSS0.1-0.4-Y(Q) LSS0.2-0.4-Y(Q) LSS0.3-0.4-Y(Q) LSS0.5-0.4-Y(Q) LSS0.7-0.4-Y(Q) LSS1-0.7-Y(Q)
LSS0.3-0.7-Y(Q) LSS0.5-0.7-Y(Q) LSS0.7-0.7-Y(Q) LSS1-1.0-Y(Q)
Rated steam capacity(t/h) 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.5 0.7 1
Rated steam pressure(Mpa) 0.4 0.4 0.4/0.7 0.4/0.7 0.4/0.7 0.7/1.0
Steam temperature(C) 151 151 151/170 151/170 151/170 170/184
Supply water temperature(C) 20 20 20 20 20 20
Heating area
Body 3 6 8.4 15 21.5 26.32
Economizer 4.8 4.8 8.96 10.24/11.52
Thermal efficiency(%) 89 89.2 90.6 90.6 93.9 92
Fuel available Light diesel oil、heavy oil、natural gas
Motor General power(kw) 1.1 2.6 2.66 2.96 3.2 4
Fuel consumption Light oil (Kg/h) 6.6 14 20.62 34.37 46.53 67.88
Naturalgas (Nm³/h)     9 19 24.98 41.69 56.22 82.61
Boiler weight(t) 0.83 1 2.113 2.657 3.64 3.75/3.9
Boiler size(m)(L×W×H) 0.8×1.94 0.9×2.7 1340×1300×2510 1540×1500×2860 1900×1800×3040 1900×1800×3310
Note: Parameters is for reference only, if any change should follow actual drawings

Transaction Process
Customer Inquiry -- Offer Professional Consulting Service -- Place Order -- Customize Boiler Based on Customers’ needs --Production-manufacturing -- Payment -- Impeccable After Sale Service (installation and debugging, periodic maintenance, etc.)

Offered Technical Documents
Installment and Operation Instruction Quality Certificate
Inspection Certificate of Boiler Quality General Drawing of Boiler
Foundation Drawing Boiler Body Drawing
Boiler Room Design Drawing Drawing of Valves, Instruments and Accessories

Company Strength
Zhongding Boiler is the industrial boiler professor of China, it is referred as technical innovated enterprise. The manufacturer base is located in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, and covers an area of 130 thousands m2. The company owns about 800 employees, including 110 technical engineers, and about 700 sets advanced manufacturing equipment. Zhongding Boiler concentrates on the invention of high-tech and energy saving boilers, has owned more than 20 sorts national patent technologies. 


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