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SZS Series Oil/Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Rated Capacity : 10~50 t/h
Pressure : 1.25~4.9 MPa
Certificate : ISO9001, CE, BV, SGS, ASME
Fuel : light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, coke gas
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Product Description
The boiler structure is arranged as drum longitudinal type “D” shape, it’s quickly assembled or bulk water tube boiler. Boiler has compact structure, small floor space and good flame filling degree. The structure of furnace water cooling wall and convection gas pass is membrane wall, have good sealability, and effectively reduce refractory brick quantity and maintenance workload. Layout energy saving condenser in boiler tail, effectively reduces exhaust gas temperature and improve boiler heat efficiency.

This series boiler usually used for large central heating and residents heating, it is widely used for textile industry, paper plant, food & beverage, heating supply, etc.
1. Boiler structure is arranged as “D” shape and has double drums, the feature is following: compact structure, small floor space and good flame filling degree, in addition, boiler adopt lower backup type, it can expand upward free.

2. The structure of furnace water cooled wall and convection gas pass is membrane wall, have good sealability, and effective reduce refractory brick quantity and maintenance workload.

3. In consideration of boiler transportation, the design of the boiler structure need more compact, and, adopt quickly assembled, they can shorten the installation period.

4. Set up inspection hole on the furnace, it’s convenient for maintain, there are two anti-explosion door on the furnace top.  

5. Boiler insulation layer is high heat resistance material, have good thermal insulation property, and, set up economizer on the boiler tail, it can effective reduce the exhaust gas temperature, and improve boiler heat efficiency.

6. In order to ensure boiler stable output, design enough heating area and enough steam-water space for the boiler.

7. Equipped with full automatic burner, the advantage is high combustion efficiency, at the same time, have ignition process control and over pressure, flame out protection.

8. Feed water control is continuous electrical control adjust, have function of high-low water level alarm and interlock protection.

9. Some boiler adopt water spray desuperheater, the feature is sensitive temperature adjust and extensive attemperation.

Rated Evaporation
Rated Steam Temperature
Working Pressure
Water Supply Temperature
Heating Area
Overall Dimension  
SZS10-1.25-Y(Q) 10 194 1.25 20 340.23 8500×5865×4670
SZS10-4.0/400-Q 10 400 4 104 291.9 10015×6055×4705
SZS10-4.9/400-Q 10 400 4.9 104 291.9 10015×6055×4705
SZS15-1.0-Q 15 184 1 104 632.99 7970×4628×3470
SZS15-1.25-Y(Q) 15 194 1.25 105 475.2 9300×5865×4700
SZS20-1.25-Y(Q) 20 194 1.25 105 556.64 12220×6895×4465
SZS20-1.25/350-Y(Q) 20 350 1.25 105 563.01 12220×6390×4517
SZS20-2.45-Y(Q) 20 225 2.45 105 441.5 10860×70000×4850
SZS25-1.25-Y(Q) 25 194 1.25 105 714 10860×70000×4850
SZS25-2.45-Y(Q) 25 225 2.45 105 714 10860×70000×4850
SZS30-1.25-Y(Q) 30 194 1.25 105 767 12900×7000×4850
SZS30-2.45-Y(Q) 30 225 2.45 105 767 12900×7000×4850
SZS35-1.25-Y(Q) 35 194 1.25 105 958 12910×7000×4850
SZS35-2.45-Y(Q) 35 225 2.45 105 958 12910×7000×4850
SZS50-1.25-Y(Q) 50 194 1.25 105 1230 13200×12000×4700
SZS50-2.45-Y(Q) 50 225 2.45 105 1230 13200×12000×4700
Note: Parameter is for reference only, if any changes should follow the factory technical data.

Transaction Process
Customer Inquiry -- Offer Professional Consulting Service -- Place Order -- Customize Boiler Based on Customers’ needs --Production-manufacturing -- Payment -- Impeccable After Sale Service (installation and debugging, periodic maintenance, etc.)

Offered Technical Documents
Installment and Operation Instruction Quality Certificate
Inspection Certificate of Boiler Quality General Drawing of Boiler
Foundation Drawing Boiler Body Drawing
Boiler Room Design Drawing Drawing of Valves, Instruments and Accessories

Company Strength
Zhongding Boiler is the industrial boiler professor of China, it is referred as technical innovated enterprise. The manufacturer base is located in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, and covers an area of 130 thousands m2. The company owns about 800 employees, including 110 technical engineers, and about 700 sets advanced manufacturing equipment. Zhongding Boiler concentrates on the invention of high-tech and energy saving boilers, has owned more than 20 sorts national patent technologies. 


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