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CWNS Series Oil/Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

Rated Capacity : 0.07~14MW
Pressure : Normal Pressure
Certificate : ISO9001, CE, BV, SGS, ASME
Fuel : diesel oil, heavy oil, natural gas, lpg, coke gas, etc.
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Product Description
Zhongding CWNS Series Oil/Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler series boiler is horizontal three return fire tube hot water boiler. It is equipped with high efficiency burner and advanced techniques. The burning control, water feed, and program run, etc, are full automatic.this boiler is safe and reliable, and also has the advantage of compact structure, simple operation, easy installation, high efficiency, less pollution and noise, etc. 
It is widely used for enterprise, factory, hotel, hospital, office building, civil architecture, etc.
1. Raw Material

1) To ensure superior raw material supplier, we choose domestic well-known manufacturer who can provide component report of raw material.
2) After the completion of raw material procurement, there are specialized technicians in our factory to make sampling chemical composition analysis and physical performance analysis, and we can also provide raw materials inspection report.
2. Mechanical process

1)  Cutting process: We adopt numerical control cutting, which has the advantage of high precision, neat cutting surface, nice appearance and high material utilization. Besides, it can also minimize the effect on material.

2) Welding process and testing process

a. We adopt submerged arc fully automatic welding. Compared to manual welding, automatic welding can ensure high quality of welding seam so as to improve the reliability of the boiler.
b. When each welding process is done, the 100% X-ray inspection will be arranged for every welding seam, which can prevent the defective parts from flowing into the next process.
c. We also adopt plate edge automatic welding. The welding quality is better, welding seam is stronger and the life is longer.
d. Usually, the industry practice is random sampling. But the quality inspection department in our factory conducts a comprehensive quality inspection with 100% X-ray inspection.
e. Our factory quality inspection departments will make a record for everyone who took part in welding process testing and an effective accountability system with signature and seal. If there is a problem of the boiler, personal legal liability can be investigated.
3. Boiler Proper       

\1) Corrugated furnace

a. The use of the conical furnace can reduce the impact and scour to the furnace
b. The large size corrugated furnace can improve the duration of the flue gas in the furnace, increase the heat exchange area, make the furnace have better heat transfer effect, and improve the efficiency of the whole boiler.
2) Tube plate and smoke tubes

a. The amount of the slant brace is sufficient to ensure that the tube plate and the drum load are evenly distributed, so as to avoid deformation, protrusion and fracture and improve the overall strength of the boiler.
b. The thread smoke tube can make the flue gas to round move forward and remove impurities at the same time.It can also extend the duration of the flue gas, make the flue gas and smoke tube full contact and raise the heating transfer effect. The steam can be formed in 20 minutes with high quality.
c. The tube plate and smoke tubes are resistant to corrosion, the welding seam between them is fully automatic welding, which can ensure that the smoke is not easy to leak.
3) The front and rear smoke box

a. We adopt the embedded smoke box, which is well sealed and not easy to leak and deform;
b. There is a design of condensation water overflow on the front and rear smoke box. It make the condensation water can be discharged in time and effectively prevent condensation water from coming back into the furnace and corroding the boiler proper;
c. The front and rear smoke box also have divided doors, which has the advantage of good performance and beautiful appearance, and it is easy and convenient to open when maintain.
4) Safety explosion-proof device

a. It is an automatic spring explosion-proof device to prevent deflagrating , and there is an observation hole to check the flame condition.
b. The front and back panels are highly heat insulation with good heat preservation, the temperature is below 40℃, it is safe enough and not easy to burn.
4. Instruments and valves

1) Burner

Usual burner brand: Italy Baltur, Ecoflam, Riello, Unigas ( imported with original packaging)
Germany Weishaupt,  Finland Oilon. It is general mechanical proportion adjustment, two-stage fire.
1-5 ton boilers usually use Baltur or Ecoflam burner (imported with original packaging) --one-stage fire, mechanical proportion adjustment
6-10 ton boilers usually use Riello or Unigas burner.
When the capacity is more than 10 ton, we often use Elco or Weishaupt burner----Split type, fully electric proportion adjustment
2) Water pump

Usual brands: Top brands in China
Zhongding adopts the stainless vertical pump with low noise, stainless impeller and pump body. The pressure of flow and lift is far below the pressure of boiler required.
3) Control system

We adopt Siemens PLC(Programmable Logic Control)and Schneider electrical components
It can realize automatic interlock control of water level, pressure, temperature and feed water with high accuracy Multiple protection can ensure boiler safe operation. It can also realize continuous water supply and frequency water supply constantly and make steam quality to achieve the best effect. If necessary, it can be connected to Ethernet to achieve remote operation.
4) Economizer

a. It can put the smoke temperature below 80 ℃, keep the flue gas heat to the greatest extent, and improve the heating efficiency of boiler.
b. Zhongding adopts aluminum alloy fin tubes, its heating transfer area is 2-10 times larger than the bare tube, and the heating transfer coefficient is 1-2 times higher than that the bare tube, it has a good heating transfer and mechanical property.
c. The economizer can be set one or two stages. One stage economizer can bear pressure, two stage economizer is a condenser, which is forbidden to use under pressure, It can reduce smoke temperature to the maximum extent. There are also condensation water overflows in front and back of the boiler in order to discharge condensation water out of the boiler.
The comparison of fin tube economizer and carbon steel bare tube economizer(from other factories): When the temperature of exhaust gas is below 100℃, the condensation water is easy to form. The condensation water contains corrosion material, it is easy to corrode the pipe wall, reduce service life, but our fin tube economizer can avoid this situation completely.

5) Steam header

a. Standard configuration: one inlet, three outlets, equipped with pressure gauge and thermometer.
b. It can be designed according to customers' requirement, while the drawing size need to be provided by customer. The inlet and outlet shall not be more than half the diameter of steam header.

6) Water softner

It is fully automatic and free debugging, from well-known brand in China. The material is glass steel with the characters of high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and anti-ageing
The material is divided into glass steel and stainless steel; Salt tank is PE material. Zhongding adopts PE material for salt tank body, it has hard texture and it’s easy to move, anti-shock, and no leakage.
7) Chimney

Carbon steel material, the diameter is bigger than common manufacturers, exhaust gas temperature is lower than others.
8) Water tank

There are different materials of water tank: carbon steel, stainless steel and glass steel.
Glass steel is incorruptible, rustless, and has a long service life, but it is not sun-proof.
If equipped with two-stage economizer, the water tank also needs to be insulated, if not, it is heat loss for whole system.

Model CWNS0.35-85/65-Y(Q) CWNS0.48-85/65-Y(Q) CWNS0.58-85/65-Y(Q) CWNS0.7-85/65-Y(Q) CWNS1.05-
CWNS1.4-85/65-Y(Q) CWNS1.75-85/65-Y(Q) CWNS2.1-85/65-Y(Q)
Rated power(MW) 0.35 0.48 0.58 0.7 1.05 1.4 1.75 2.1
Working pressure(MW) Normal Pressure
Supply water temperature(℃) 85
Return water temperature(℃) 65
Efficiency(%) 90
Water capacity(L) 420 630 900 1050 1560 2300 2700 3700
Out let(mm) 65 65 80 80 100 100 125 125
In let(mm) 65 65 80 80 100 100 125 125
Drain valve(mm) 40 40 40 50 50 50 50 50
Power consumption(Kw/h) 1.1 2.3 2.3 2.3 4 4.7 6.4 7.5
Chimney(mm) 200 250 250 250 300 350 460 500
Size Length(mm) 1960 2480 2670 2670 2930 3300 3530 3800
  Width(mm) 920 1020 1120 1120 1360 1470 1580 1680
  Height(mm) 1255 1435 1485 1485 1760 1890 2010 2110
Size of base(mm) 1900×800 2150×800 2350×900 2350×1000 2550×1000 2750×1100 3080×1200 3450×1200
Transport weight(Kg/h) 1280 1550 1900 2100 2900 3750 3950 4950
Fuel Light oil(Kg/h) 32.5 44.5 53.8 64.9 97.4 129.9 162.4 194.8
  L·N·G(Nm³/H) 39.3 54 65.2 78.7 118 157.4 196.7 236
  C·G(Nm³/H) 83.6 114.7 138.6 167.2 250.8 334.4 418.1 501.7
Note:1.data and pictures in watch provide the reference only, the product takes real object as to follow,forgiving not to go to another circula such as the alteration because of remodel.
2.prepare to make,reserve,and design of the boiler building,pleased contact to confirm before relevant data.

Transaction Process
Customer Inquiry -- Offer Professional Consulting Service -- Place Order -- Customize Boiler Based on Customers’ needs --Production-manufacturing -- Payment -- Impeccable After Sale Service (installation and debugging, periodic maintenance, etc.)

Offered Technical Documents
Installment and Operation Instruction Quality Certificate
Inspection Certificate of Boiler Quality General Drawing of Boiler
Foundation Drawing Boiler Body Drawing
Boiler Room Design Drawing Drawing of Valves, Instruments and Accessories

Company Strength
Zhongding Boiler is the industrial boiler professor of China, it is referred as technical innovated enterprise. The manufacturer base is located in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, and covers an area of 130 thousands m2. The company owns about 800 employees, including 110 technical engineers, and about 700 sets advanced manufacturing equipment. Zhongding Boiler concentrates on the invention of high-tech and energy saving boilers, has owned more than 20 sorts national patent technologies. 


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