ZLRF Coal Biomass Fired Hot Air Stove

Rated Capacity : 0.12~1.4MW
Pressure : Normal pressure
Certificate : ISO9001, CE, BV, SGS, ASME
Fuel : coal, wood pellet, biomass
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Product Description
The hot air furnace combustion chamber and heat exchanger in one combined, using the structure of full steel plate multi-layer sleeve type, it's consumption chamber in the below of furnace center, circles heat exchanger in the upper and around, air and flue gas are two-pass, flow separately in heat exchanging. In order to improve thermal efficiency, the multiple head helical groove plate heat exchanging technology and turbulent flow principle, thinning laminar flow thickness, make the air and flue gas constantly exchange revolving on the march, greatly strengthened the heat transfer effect. 
1. drying for chemical and medicine products  
2. textile and printing and dyeing industry  
3. drying for molding industry  
4. drying for wood in architectural material industry, gypsum board and firegalss products  
5. baking for agricultural products, fodder and food processing  
6.supply heating project  industrial factory and civil buildings and henhouse, etc

1. The fuel is coal/wood pellet/biomass
2. The hot air furnace use the pure hot air as the medium, no pollution.
3. Low power consumption, high thermal efficiency.
4. Auto measuring temperature and displaying.
5. Simple operation, easy to use. The equipment is all from domestic, its performance guideline reach to national advanced level.

Model Thermal Efficiency
Hot Air Outlet Temperature
Heating Supplied
Air Volume
Fuel available Diameter
ZLRF-10 70 200-300 0.12 3297-2198 Coal/wood pellet/biomass 1220 2450
ZLRF-20 70 200-300 0.24 3847-3572 1500 2740
ZLRF-30 70 200-300 0.35 5447-3912 1750 3500
ZLRF-40 70 200-300 0.47 6445-7513 1840 3790
ZLRF-60 75 200-300 0.7 6786-7532 1850 4350
ZLRF-80 75 200-300 0.93 7813-8685 2100 6395
ZLRF-100 75 200-300 1.17 8867-9984 2340 6400
ZLRF-120 75 200-300 1.4 10556-12370 2500 6800
Note: The parameters are for reference only. Any changes, the actual drawings shall prevail.

Transaction Process
Customer Inquiry -- Offer Professional Consulting Service -- Place Order -- Customize Boiler Based on Customers’ needs --Production-manufacturing -- Payment -- Impeccable After Sale Service (installation and debugging, periodic maintenance, etc.)

Offered Technical Documents
Installment and Operation Instruction Quality Certificate
Inspection Certificate of Boiler Quality General Drawing of Boiler
Foundation Drawing Boiler Body Drawing
Boiler Room Design Drawing Drawing of Valves, Instruments and Accessories

Company Strength
Zhongding Boiler is the industrial boiler professor of China, it is referred as technical innovated enterprise. The manufacturer base is located in Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, and covers an area of 130 thousands m2. The company owns about 800 employees, including 110 technical engineers, and about 700 sets advanced manufacturing equipment. Zhongding Boiler concentrates on the invention of high-tech and energy saving boilers, has owned more than 20 sorts national patent technologies. 


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