Biomass boiler gas emission standards



  Biomass boilers are industrial boilers fueled by agricultural and forestry straws and solid waste. The advantages of clean emissions and low pollution are favored by many manufacturers. However, biomass boilers do not emit zero pollution, but only emit a small amount of pollutants. International standards have also been formulated for its pollution discharge.

  Gas emission standards: According to analysis, the biomass fuel boiler can achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions, trace nitrogen oxide emissions, sulfur dioxide emissions less than 33.6mg/m3, and soot emissions less than 46mg/m3. Compared with coal, In terms of oil-fired boilers, the pollution index is already very low. According to the national air pollutant emission control indicators, the boiler emission standards are: SO2≤100mg/m3, soot ≤100mg/m3, so the biomass boiler emission standards meet the control indicators, and the emission concentration is far lower than the national standard.

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