India Customers Visited Zhongding Boiler for Coal Fired Steam Boiler


Zhongding Boiler

At the end of July, India customer came to visit Zhongding Boiler Factory, he want to buy a coal fired steam boiler for his textile mill. We advised him the DZL series boiler, which is a single drum longitudinal type water and fire tube boiler. This series boiler adopts the advanced technologies, such as arched tube plate, thread smoke tube, etc, solves the problems of tube plate crack and water wall tube burst, achieves high efficiency, sufficient output and strong adaptability of different coals.
The combustion equipment is moving grate, while, the customer asked for the reciprocal grate, which can burn the inferior coal, even the coal after combustion. Moreover, he would like to change the shell of the body and use stainless steel. After discussion, we design the boiler based on the customers’ requirement. The customer is very satisfied with Zhongding Boiler’s service and boiler quality. 

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