Zhongding New Type Biomass Gasification Boiler


Zhongding New Type Biomass Gasification Boiler
Cooperate with Tshing Hua University, Zhongding Boiler developed new type biomass gasification boiler in recently month. There are many customers ordered this type boiler, and the boilers are delivered constantly during these day.

There are two ways to converse biomass into thermal energy, the first one is to burn biomass fuel directly, and then clean the exhaust smoke gas, another way is to gasfication biomass fuel firstly, and then burn the gas. The second method is a better way to protect the environment. Environment Protection is the important subject for global industries, we have to pay more attention to the environmental friendly equipment, at the same time, improve the industry productivity and decrease operation cost. Thus, the new type biomass gasification boiler will be a popular equipment using for industrial production.

The biomass gasification boiler comprises a boiler body, a primary air pipe , a secondary air pipe, a feed device and a biomass combustion device. The biomass combustion device includes a primary air box, a secondary air duct and a combustion chamber. The primary air box is at the bottom of the biomass combustion device and is connected to the primary air pipe at the lower part of a side wall by a primary air inlet. The secondary air duct is an annular air duct which is located at the top of the biomass combustion device and connected to the secondary air pipe tangentially by a secondary air inlet. The combustion chamber has a construction of a pot which takes a fluidized plate as a pot bottom and takes a wind distribution plate as a pot enclosure. The fluidized plate is an annular flat plate and wind holes are uniformly distributed over the fluidized plate. The central hole of the fluidized plate is communicated with the feed device. The wind distribution plate is provided with primary air vents and secondary air vents. The primary air vents are at the upper part and are surrounded by the primary air box, and the secondary air vents are at the lower part and are surrounded by the secondary air duct. The boiler adopting fluidized combustion theory generates a large amount of combustible gas e.g. carbon monoxide, propane, and methane through thermal reaction, without adding any chemical combustion improver. The boiler discharges gas without smoke, dust and harmful gas. Except Biomass Gasification Boiler,

Zhongding Boiler has many other different boiler types, such as coal boiler, biomass boiler, oil gas boiler, CFB boiler, and waste heat recovery boiler. Zhongding boiler always concentrate on innovated high-tech boilers, to create more high efficiency and low cost industrial boilers.

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