4 Sets Horizontal Type Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler for Korea


4 Sets Horizontal Type Natural Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler for Korea
4 sets horizontal type natural gas fired hot water boilers are shipped to Korea. The models is CWNS-2.1-85/65-Y(Q), the rated power is 2.1MW, and working pressure is normal pressure, so it is very safe when operate. These boilers are used in parallel, to offer enough hot water for university.
This horizontal type natural gas fired hot water boiler equipped with full automatic control system, operate convenient and save manpower. The boiler is wet back structure design, the reversal chamber is around by water, it wouldn’t burn out, also, the water increase the radiation area and heat transfer efficiency. The boiler adopts large size corrugated furnace, increase heating area and save fuels. Moreover, the boiler could use the economizer or condenser, the thermal efficiency could reach as high as 98%.
Zhongding Boiler is the Chinese professional industrial boiler manufacturer, it concentrates on advanced boiler technologies, and owns more than 20 product patents. Based on your requirement, Zhongding Boiler could offer high efficiency energy utilization plans, and rovide the high quality boiler products at a reasonable price.

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