WNS Series Biomass Fired Steam Boiler


WNS Series Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

Zhongding WNS series biomass fired steam boiler is widely used in different kinds of industries. Generally, the biomass fired boiler are model DZLSZL, DHL, etc., however, the thermal efficiency of these series boiler are relatively low due to the boiler structure and combustion method. In order to meet the environmental requirement, increase thermal efficiency, decrease fuel cost, Zhongding Boiler design the new type WNS series boiler to burn biomass fuel, it has the advantages of high combustion efficiency (98%), higher thermal efficiency (90%), higher automatic degree, energy saving, and environmental friendly, which is widely praised.

Structure of WNS Series Biomass Fired Boiler

There are three main parts of the boiler: biomass burner, boiler body, and economizer & dust remove system.

The biomass burner could burn biomass fuel directly, and change the sold fuel into gas fuel, and spray the flame to the boiler furnace. The biomass fuel could be biomass briquette, biomass pellet, and different woods with diameter lower than 5cm. The heat could be absorbed by the boiler directly. The biomass gas fuel will not produce much smoke dust, with the cooperate use of dust remove system, the boiler could meet the environmental requirement. Similar as WNS series oil gas boiler, the biomass boiler is wet back structure as well, and equipped with corrugated furnace, screw thread smoke tube, economizer and dust catcher are equipped at the tail, to achieve high thermal efficiency, and decrease dust emission.

Characteristics of Biomass Burner

1.Save energy, and low cost. The biomass burner has a high requirement for biomass fuel, integrate unique biomass and boiler body together, has small area occupation.

2.Safe operation. The biomass burner could burn the fuel sufficiently, the gas system could operate smoothly, prevent tar blocking and secondary pollution, increase the burner operation life.

3.Automatic operation. Based on customers’ requirement, the biomass burner could be semi-automatic and full automatic.

Zhongding Boiler is a high-tech enterprise, and professional on different kinds of power plant boilers & industrial boilers, especially on coal/biomass boiler, oil gas boiler, circulating fluided boiler, and waste heat recovery boiler.  Based on customer’ requirement and different fuel characteristics, Zhongding Boiler could customize design the boiler structure.

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