The Philippine Customer Comes for Boiler Inspection


The Philippine Customer Comes for Boiler Inspection

Customer from the Philippine comes to Zhongding Boiler for boiler inspection. The boiler he bought is biomass boiler, the fuel is coconut shell, the boiler capacity is 20t, and equipped with reciprocating grate. The model is SZW20, and used for chemical industry. The customer checked the quality of different boiler parts (drum, membrane wall, valve, gauge, economizer, etc.), and check the different certificate to ensure the biomass boiler has high quality. After inspection, the customer is very satisfied with the boiler, hope to received the excellent boiler within contract deadline and will put on production process soon.

Generally, the biomass boiler is double drum and equipped with different kinds of grate, such as chain grate and reciprocating grate, and both of them have special advantages, customer could chose grate based on different requirement.

1.Advantages of Chain Grate

1) The small scale chain grate boiler could resist the temperature as high as 1200℃, long working life
2) Low coal leakage because of the small gap
3) High automatic degree, decrease labor cost
4) Convenient for maintenance, it could be done without boiler shut down

2. Advantages of Reciprocating Grate

1) Could burn inferior fuel with low low heating value or high viscosity
2) Higher combustion efficiency, low fuel consumption
3) Low black smoke

Zhongding Boiler owns a mature R&D and design team, and cooperates with multiple scientific research institutions for a long time, i.e. Tsinghua University and Xi’an Jiaotong University. Zhongding Boiler could customize the boiler based on the requirement of customers, water quality and fuel characteristics, to meet the operating requirement and maximum the boilers’ effectiveness.

Zhongding Biomass Boiler with Grate

DZL coal/biomass boiler
SZL coal/biomass boiler
SZW coal/biomass boiler
YLW thermal oil boiler
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