Panama Customers Come to Zhongding Boiler for Power Plant Project


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Panama customers visited Zhongding Boiler to talk about the biomass power plant project. Customers plan to establish a power plant with 20MW turbine, they learn Zhongding Boiler from their friends who bought industrial boilers from Zhongding Boiler before, they knew zhongding Boiler is concentrate on industrial boilers, power plant boilers and waste heat recovery boiler. To ensure the company’s strength, they went to Zhongding Boiler for investigation with related technical documents.

Customers planned to be in China for about one week, before they arrived, we help to make a scheduling for the customers, including transportation, accommodation, meal, and traveling. On the first day, we arranged the accommodation to let them have a rest, on the next day, we drive them to Zhongding Boiler factory, during the investigation, they check the different area including R&D center, raw material control lab, product testing area, and manufacturing area, etc. , they are so marveled at the advanced equipment. Then they talk with our sales manager and engineers about the power plant projects. We showed customers the design drawing based on customers’ requirement, and show the technical information of power plant boiler (circulating fluidized bed boiler), and some examples of our power plant projects. 

Power Plant Projects

75 ton CFB Boiler Used for ELunChun Thermal Power Plan
Model: ZDG-75/3.82-AII
Fuel: Coal

75 ton CFB Boiler Used in Luoyang
Model: ZDG-75/3.85-M
Fuel: Biomass

Zhongding Circulating Fluidized Boiler is the patent products of Zhongding Boiler, this model boiler has many advantages than others. The boiler adopts many new technologies, such as double cyclone separator, advanced cyclone combustion technology, parametrization design on separator, and bubbing fluidized loop seal technology, to increase the combustion efficiency to 96%, decrease the dust emission, and decrease the failer rate. 

After three days discussing, customers knew very well about Zhongding Boilers’ manufacturing strength and technical strength, they decided to deal with us, and ordered one 75ton CFB boiler and one 50 tong CFB boiler, and they hope to finished the power plant project within one year. After finished business, customers still have two days leisure time. Our sales manager arranged a tourism around Zhengzhou, he would like to show customers China’s scenic spots and historical sites, such as Kaifeng Millennium City and Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang. Moreover, the customers also taste the traditional Chinese food and local special snacks. Customers said, this is such as great and impressive business traveling, they were not only find a reliable boiler manufacturer, but also experienced a colorful leisure tourism.

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