Maintenance Task of 15 ton Rice Husk Steam Boiler Used for Animal Feed Factory


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Model: SZL 15-1.25-T 
Rated evaporation capacity: 15ton
Working pressure: 12.5bar
Rated steam temperature: 194
Feed water temperature: 105
Thermal efficiency: 80%
Application: animal feed factory
Fuel: rice husk

Customer from Bangladesh ordered rice husk steam boiler several years ago, he would like to do a full maintenance as the boiler has operate for a long time, even thought the rice husk boiler doesn’t have large problems which would lead to shut down. Engineer of Zhongding Boiler accept this task, and fled to Bangladesh within half month after they received the inquiry.

The model of this rice husk steam boiler is DZL Series, which is equipped with chain grate and membrane wall. This boiler structure has old type structure, and the biomass fuel consumption efficiency is about 86%, and thermal efficiency is about 74%, which are lower than Zhongding new type boiler. Our engineers recommended customer to change the boiler to increase the combustion efficiency and thermal efficiency, thus, the production capacity will be increased.

Characteristics of Zhongding New Type Rice Husk Fired Steam Boiler 

1. The furnace radiation heat area of this new type SZL series boiler is 50% larger than before, improve the steam output.
2. Use the light furnace wall, the thermal inertia decreases 70%.
3. Use the water cooling sealing structure for membrane wall, decrease the radiation loss and smoke heat loss, increase the thermal efficiency.
4. The grate length is 500~1000mm longer than before, extends fuel combustion time, decreases carbon content in boiler slag, improves combustion efficiency.
5. Use rolling bearing to avoid the problems of overheating and seizing regularly.
6. The structure of fore-and-aft arch is water-cooling “wet arch”, improves the strength of arch, keeps the constant temperature in furnace, and protects the furnace arch.
7. Push-pull type damper ash removal device is employed, effectively prevents deformation of secondary combustion and grate air leakage.

However, to change the old boiler into new boiler is not emergency, the most important thing is to maintenance the oil rice husk boiler. Our engineer checked the boiler operation condition, and planned to change all the quick-wear part, including water gauge, valves, flange, and gaskets, etc. Also, the combustion chamber need to be rebuild as there is cement fall off, moreover, engineer check the ash deposition degree, to clean the ash deposition with all the boiler. After about one week maintenance, the rice husk boiler could be operated smoothly. 

Except SZL series boiler, there are other types boiler that could burn rice husk, e.g. DZL  single drum chain grate boiler, LSG vertical type fixed boiler, and SHL bulk steam boiler. Zhongding Boiler could design the boiler structure based on customers' specfic requirement, to maximum customers profits.

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