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Customer from Sri Lanka went to Zhengzhou to visit Zhongding Boiler, he need a biomass fired steam boiler for his paper plant. Several month ago, the customer contact us through Facebook ,to ask for the information of 3t boiler, which could burn waste wood as fuel. After checking the technology document, the customer decided to came to our factory and check the boiler quality.

We pick the customer up from Zhengzhou Airport, as our manufacturing plant is very near from the airport, he decided to visit factory firstly, and then he would like to see the boiler operation scene. In the factory, the customer checked the DZH series model boiler carefully from different section, i.e. grate, tube, thermal insulation material, etc. He is very satisfied with the boiler, and decided to sign the contract on the spot.

Zhongding DZH biomass boiler is equipped with single drum and moving grate, which is a kind of hand fired boiler, compare with chain grate, it has the advantages of low cost and wide fuel adaptability, wood fuel less than 2m could be burn without broke, and there is no requirement of uniform feeding. Except wood fuel, the DZH biomass boiler could also burn other different types, such as bamboo, bark, wheat straw, etc.

Zhongding Boiler have different boiler types, including steam boiler, hot water boiler, and thermal oil heater, the boilers could be used for power plant, industrial production, and central heating, the fuel used for the boilers could be oil, gas, coal, biomass, and electricity. Zhongding Boiler could help customers choose the suitable model based on actual demand, also, Zhongding Boiler could redesign the boiler structure is there is no suitable model.

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