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Uzbekistan customers come to check Zhongding coal fired Boiler, they need a hot water boiler for greenhouse, which is around 15000 m2, and to keep the green house at around 18℃. Zhongding Boiler have different kinds of coal boiler, such as LSH vertical type coal fired boiler, DZL series horizontal type moving grate boiler, and SZL series water tube boiler. As the greenhouse is large, vertical type boiler is not suitable, so the customers on the other two kinds of boiler.

DZL series boiler is horizontal type coal fired boiler with chain grate as combustion equipment. Zhongding DZL boiler structure is different from other companies. The boiler uses crossed water arch structure, to increase heating surface, and add the from header, thus water could be heated more evenly, and increase the boiler efficiency, moreover, the boiler adopts refractory cement furnace, long working period. SZL series water tube boiler is equipped with membrane water cooling wall, has low heat loss, the boiler has water cooling arch and water cooling chamber, to improve thermal efficiency. Compare with our types coal boiler, Zhongding SZL boiler has 500~1000mm longer chain grate, which achieves higher combustion efficiency, also, the chain grate is anti-coking design, could burn different type coal and biomass fuels.

Zhongding Boiler have offered many boilers for green house, except coal fired hot water boiler, there are many other type boilers, for example, CWNS Series Oil Gas Fired Condensing Hot Water Boiler, it is full automatic boiler with high thermal efficiency. Also, ZLRF Coal/Biomass Fired Hot Air Stove is very popular for green house, which is very simple, and offer hot air to the space, do not need the complicated heating system.

After learning, the Uzbekistan customers are very glad that Zhongding Boiler seems so powerful, and the boilers are so different from other companies. There are so many kinds of different kinds of boiler suitable for greenhouse, they would like to know deeply about the boilers, and compare with the boiler size, cost, and structure, then they will choose the most suitable one.
Uzbekistan Customer Visit Zhongding Boiler

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