What are the characteristics of the fuel gas, the fuel gas and normal pressure



  1, configuration import brand burner, high degree of automation, in accordance with the command controller automatic purge, automatic electronic ignition, automatic combustion, oil (gas) automatic proportion adjustment, safe and stable performance, good combustion effect. And there is a protective device to ensure safe operation.

  2, computer type hot water boiler controller. All the functions are magically stored on a smart chip, boiler starting up by one key, automatic timing, temperature operation, users can set start and stop time of the furnace, after setup is complete, do not need special duty, is convenient and labor-saving.

  3, fire tube in a flame retardant spoiler, slowing down the exhaust speed, strengthen heat transfer, low smoke chamber and exhaust gas temperature, reduce heat loss, save fuel.

  4, large font display water temperature, easy to master the operation of the boiler and the system, the water temperature from 10 to 90 degrees Celsius can be arbitrarily set, boiler automatic heating system to the system or to provide users with life, bath with hot water.

  5, the control system according to control the temperature of boiler water circulating pump start and stop, boiler water reaches the set upper limit temperature hot water circulating pump is started, is lower than the set lower limit temperature hot water circulating pump to stop.

  6, horizontal fuel gas hot water boiler for three return full wet back structure, the use of large furnace, smoke tube design, increase the furnace radiation heat absorption, effective energy saving and consumption reduction. The heat transfer effect is greatly enhanced by adopting the thread smoke pipe and the corrugated furnace liner, and the fuel consumption is greatly saved.

  7, machine and equipped with overheat protection (the furnace temperature is over high, burner auto stop working and bee buzzing alarm, secondary overheating protection (boiler shell temperature exceeds 105 DEG C, automatically cut off the secondary circuit), anti dry burning water protection (boiler water below the low water level, the boiler to stop working and beep alarm), boiler leakage protection (control system to detect the electric leakage, short circuit will automatically cut off the power supply).

  8, according to the normal structure of the boiler structure design, the boiler is in a state of no pressure, no security risk.

  9, the use of high-level centrifugal glass wool multilayer insulation, excellent white color plate for external packaging, heat loss less, beautiful and anti rust.

  10, widely used in families, villas, hospitals, schools, hotels, hotels, fitness centers, bath center and other enterprises and institutions

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