What is the weight of a 4-ton horizontal coal-fired chain steam boiler? How much coal does a 4 ton boiler burn in 24 hours



The horizontal coal-fired chain steam boiler adopts a three-pass design of flue gas, and the boiler adopts automatic feeding method for feeding and automatic slag discharge, which saves time and effort. Due to the stricter domestic environmental protection requirements, this type of furnace is currently very popular in 86 countries such as Thailand and Myanmar, and is well received by users. How much coal a 4-ton boiler burns in 24 hours, and how heavy the body is, I will let you know together.

1. Weight of 4 ton chain steam boiler

  The complete set of chain boiler equipment includes the main boiler, blower, induced draft fan, electric control cabinet, instrument valve, reducer, water supply pump, sub-cylinder, chimney, flue, economizer, coal feeder, slag discharger, dust collector, water Processing equipment.

  The weight of the main engine of the horizontal coal-fired chain steam boiler is 27 tons. When exporting by sea, in addition to the weight of the boiler, the size is also required for easy packing. The size of a 4 ton boiler is 6830*2550*3484mm.

coal fired grate boiler

2. Coal consumption of 4-ton boiler

  Coal consumption of coal-fired chain steam boiler = boiler heat ÷ thermal efficiency ÷ coal calorific value

  One hour coal consumption of a 4-ton coal-fired boiler=2400000Kcal÷80%÷5000Kcal/kg=600kg

  The boiler is running at full load, and the coal consumption for twenty-four hours a day=600kg×24=14400kg

3. Precautions for the delivery of 4-ton coal-fired boilers

  After communicating with the user about the delivery date, our company will deliver the goods as scheduled. The user needs to arrange staff for docking and receiving the goods, and the crane needs to be ready to ensure that the equipment is in place smoothly. After the goods arrive, the user needs to check the equipment one by one according to the delivery list to ensure that the equipment is fully equipped. If there is a wrong or under-issued situation, you can connect with our staff in time, and our company will deal with the reissue in time.

The above gives a brief introduction to the weight and coal consumption of the 4 ton coal-fired chain steam boiler. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, you can consult our company at any time.

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