The difference between biomass boilers and coal-fired boilers, biomass steam boiler auxiliary equipment



  Coal-fired boilers are traditional industrial boilers, and biomass boilers are optimized on the basis of coal-fired boilers. Biomass boilers can be fueled by renewable resources such as wood, rice husk, straw, palm husk, etc., which have good environmental protection and energy saving effects. What is the difference between biomass boiler and coal-fired boiler? What are the auxiliary equipment of biomass steam boiler?

1. The difference between biomass boilers and coal-fired boilers

  1. The essential difference between biomass pellet burning boilers and coal burning boilers is whether they are environmentally friendly boilers.

  2. Boiler structure. Coal-fired boilers are divided into chain grate coal-fired boilers and fluidized bed coal-fired boilers, while biomass pellet boilers are divided into biomass chain grate boilers and biomass circulating fluidized bed boilers.

  3. Fuel difference. Biomass fuel boilers can burn coal or biomass energy, while coal-fired boilers are boilers that can only burn coal.

  4. Bio-pellet combustion boilers have been considered environmentally friendly and energy-saving boilers that can be promoted from the very beginning, while coal-fired boilers of 10 tons and below are blocked in a controlled environment. When there is a boiler purchase plan, consult the biomass boiler manufacturer.

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2. Analysis of the difference between biomass fuel and coal

  1. Comparison of carbon content. Biomass boiler fuel particles contain less carbon, and the highest carbon content is only about 50%, which has a lower calorific value than coal-fired boilers.

  2. Comparison of hydrogen content. Biomass boiler fuel particles contain slightly more hydrogen and are significantly more volatile. Most of the carbon in biomass combines with hydrogen to form low-molecular hydrocarbons. After reaching a certain temperature, it thermally decomposes to precipitate volatiles, so biomass fuels Easy to ignite.

  3. Comparison of oxygen content. Biomass boiler fuel particles contain a lot of oxygen, and their oxygen content is significantly more than that of coal, which makes the biomass fuel low in calorific value.

  4. Density comparison. The density of biomass fuel is small, obviously lower than that of coal, the texture is looser, and it is easy to burn out. The residual carbon in ash is less than that in coal ash.

  5. Comparison of sulfur content. The sulfur content of biomass fuel is low, mostly less than 0.12%, and areas with strict environmental protection requirements also need to install biomass boiler desulfurization equipment.

  6. The CO2 released by biomass is very low, which can be considered as zero CO2 emissions compared to coal-fired boilers.

  7. The ash residue from the combustion of biomass can be used to make fertilizer, and the waste can be recycled, which is difficult to achieve with fossil fuel coal.

  8. Biomass can be mixed with coal to increase combustion efficiency.

  9. The use of biomass combustion can realize the reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization of biomass waste.

3. Auxiliary equipment of biomass steam boiler

  The biomass steam boiler adopts a double drum vertical structure, a cyclone combustion chamber, a two-stage air distribution structure, and a complete fuel combustion. Its auxiliary equipment mainly includes: control cabinet, blower, induced draft fan, feeder, and slag discharge Engine, grate reducer, sub-cylinder, water treatment, economizer, secondary fan, etc.

  The above introduces the difference between biomass boilers and coal-fired boilers and the auxiliary equipment of biomass steam boilers. Considering domestic environmental protection requirements, if users plan to use biomass boilers or coal-fired boilers, they must implement the removal of local environmental protection requirements and determine whether they are allowed Use it before purchasing.

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