How to choose a gas steam boiler? What are the boiler parameters?



Speaking of boilers, there are not only many types, but also many types of fuels and media. With the continuous improvement of the country’s environmental protection requirements, some new energy-saving and environmental protection boilers are gradually entering the market, so what should gas-fired steam boilers be among the many classifications of boilers? What are the parameters of the steam boiler? What do they mean? Selection method of gas steam boiler

  1. Function, choose gas steam boiler according to your actual application. Steam boilers are mostly used in industries such as food processing, medical industry, filling, disinfection and other production uses. In addition, there are civilian uses such as heating and heating purposes, and the rest There are also washing, packaging machinery, etc., each industry has a certain difference in the capacity of the boiler, that is, the rated evaporation capacity. For this reason, you can ask about the actual demand after you select the boiler manufacturer. Reasonably wait for a series of follow-up questions.

  2. Capacity. The boiler capacity can also be called the rated evaporation capacity, which is the evaporation capacity produced by the boiler per hour. Different industries have different requirements for this. Special attention should be paid to this point. It is also the primary concern after the furnace is shaped.

  3. Performance, when it comes to the performance of gas boilers, there are many items included, such as exhaust gas temperature, thermal efficiency, gas consumption, pollutant emissions, and start-up express delivery time. This needs to be checked according to the boiler's detailed instructions.

  4. Accessories, gas steam boilers should pay attention to the configuration of accessories in addition to the selected model and capacity, such as related water treatment equipment, safety valves, sub-cylinders, pumps, and so on.

  5. Compared with the price of the boiler, every customer will be concerned about the problem. There are many domestic gas boiler manufacturers, and there are differences in technology, cost, material, brand and other aspects. The price will inevitably be uneven. Some boilers The quotation is high, and some boilers offer low quotations. At this time, it is recommended that you comprehensively consider whether the price is reasonable with the boiler you purchased. If some small plants have low prices, they cannot meet your later needs in terms of performance and service.

gas steam boiler

Gas boiler parameters

  1. Model, Zhongding boiler manufacturers have WNS1, WNS2, WNS4, WNS6, WNS10, WNS15, WNS20 and other types on gas steam boilers. Each model is in terms of evaporation, water capacity, size, weight, steam pressure, temperature , Air consumption, etc. are all different.

  2. Size, the maximum transportation size of gas-fired steam boiler is 8600*3700*3800, the unit is mm, and the company can choose according to the size of the factory boiler space.

  3. Thermal efficiency, the thermal efficiency of the boiler is a critical parameter, which is related to the overall performance of the boiler. The higher the thermal efficiency, the more efficient the boiler is in performance and operation, and it can also reduce operating costs to the greatest extent.

  4. Gas consumption, as there are many types of gas, such as natural gas, liquefied gas, biogas, coal gas, etc., and the price of gas varies in various places, this can be calculated per hour based on the local 1m3 gas price and combined with the boiler model. Or the cost per day.

Attention to the purchase of gas steam furnace

  1. Safety. The safety of the boiler is the most important issue to choose when purchasing. You must pay special attention to the selection. This is related to the qualification, technology, material, and production process of the boiler manufacturer. Pay more attention when visiting.

  2. After-sales service, the after-sales service of large-ton gas steam boilers must be guaranteed. This point should be consulted before purchasing a boiler or signing a contract.

  3. Brand influence, there are many boiler brands, each brand has its own advantages and core product selling points, and it is also a comprehensive display of boiler products, manufacturer strength, and market influence.

The above are the specific steps of the gas-fired steam boiler selection process, the meaning of each parameter of the gas-fired steam boiler and the key points of purchase, which Zhongding Boiler has compiled for you, for reference by factories and enterprises that have boiler needs in various places.

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