How to look at the pressure gauge of a gas boiler? How to choose a pressure gauge for a natural gas



Industrial production is inseparable from the assistance of various mechanical or thermal energy equipment, and the equipment must also be equipped with some auxiliary equipment for monitoring or for people to standardize operations. It is bound to be a large-scale thermal energy conversion equipment gas boiler pressure gauge, so what about the gas boiler pressure gauge? Look? How to choose a pressure gauge correctly for a natural gas-fired boiler? How to pronounce gas boiler pressure gauge

  The pressure gauge looks very simple, similar to a clock, but the pointer does not have the hour, minute and second hands of the clock. The pressure gauge has only one pointer plus a circle of scale, the unit is MPa. Pressure gauges produced by different manufacturers have different scale divisions. 0-0.1MPa, there are 0-0.5MPa, etc. This can calculate the value represented by each pointer according to different scale intervals, as shown in the following figure:

Pressure gauge

How to choose pressure gauge for natural gas boiler

  At present, there are scale pointer pressure gauges and precision digital pressure gauges for the types of boiler pressure gauges. Each selection method is as follows:

  1. Pointer pressure gauge is selected according to the working pressure of the boiler, and the limit value of the range scale should be 1.5-3.0 times of the working pressure. In working boilers, the actual situation is that the actual working pressure of the boiler is always lower than the rated pressure on the nameplate. This is true for industrial steam boilers and hot water heating boilers. The same is true for hot water boilers. For example, the heating boiler has a rated pressure of 0.7 MPa, and the equipped pressure gauge should be 1 MPa or 1.6 MPa. If 1 MPa is equipped, it is a pressure gauge. For fear of overloading the pressure gauge in the hydraulic test, it is equipped with a range of 1.6 MPa. Pressure gauge.

  2. Digital pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges have strict technical requirements, most of which are precision digital pressure gauges. When selecting the pressure gauge range, you need to select the type according to the pressure used. When measuring general pressure, the working pressure should not exceed 3/4 of the upper limit of the pressure gauge. When measuring large pressures, the working pressure must not exceed 2/3 of the upper limit of the measurement. To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, the measured pressure value must not be less than 1/3 of the scale range. For example, the maximum working pressure of the boiler is 1MPa. According to the principle that the maximum working pressure does not exceed 2/3 when measuring the delivery pressure, 1+2/3=1.5MPa, so a pressure gauge with a range of 0-1.6MPa is appropriate.


The selection of pressure gauges should comply with the requirements of relevant technical standards, and their installation, calibration and maintenance should comply with the regulations of the metrology department. The pressure gauge must be calibrated before it is installed, and a red line should be drawn on the dial (not the dial glass) to indicate the working pressure. After installation, it shall be checked at least once every six months, and shall be sealed after checking.

The above is the views on gas boiler pressure gauges, as well as the selection techniques and precautions of boiler pressure gauges compiled by the zhongding boiler manufacturer for you, for the majority of business friends who need boilers to refer to.

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