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The price of coal-fired boiler, the price of coal-fired steam boiler! According to different media, coal-fired boilers are mainly divided into steam boilers, hot water boilers and thermal oil boilers. A brief introduction to coal-fired steam boilers. As a heat source, coal-fired steam boilers are mostly used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, packaging and other industries and fields, and they are extremely versatile. Our coal-fired boiler sales markets are mainly: China, Asia, Africa, America and other countries and regions.

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1. Introduction to coal-fired boilers

  The coal-fired boiler adopts a water-fire tube, horizontal three-pass structure design, reasonable layout of the heating surface, sufficient output, high thermal efficiency, and low operating cost. According to different coal loading methods, coal-fired boilers can be divided into two types: hand-fired furnaces and chain furnaces. 1-4 tons are mostly hand-fired furnaces, and more than 4 tons are mostly chain-fired boilers.

  Introduction to the characteristics of coal-fired boilers

  1. Threaded smoke pipe design

  The structure and size of the threaded smoke pipe have been carefully calculated and designed, so that the smoke pipe does not wear, does not accumulate dust, and prolongs the running time of the flue gas in the pipe, reducing heat loss;

  2, airfoil flue

  Reduce the heat load at the bottom of the boiler to prevent cracking and bulging of the tube sheet;

  3, adopt a new furnace arch design

  Optimize furnace arch structure, reasonable ratio of fuel and air, increase burn-out rate, and reduce waste caused by incomplete fuel combustion;

2. Coal-fired boiler prices

  1. The coal-fired boiler includes the main boiler and auxiliary equipment. The auxiliary equipment mainly includes feeder, slag discharger, blower, induced draft fan, sub-cylinder, chimney, water treatment equipment, control cabinet, valve instrument, etc.

  2. Factors affecting boiler price: boiler model, auxiliary equipment configuration, boiler manufacturer, including service content. The prices of coal-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers of the same size are different.

If you want to know more about the price of coal-fired boiler, please call for consultation and communicate in detail! In addition, due to national conditions and environmental protection requirements, most domestic coal-fired boilers have been banned, and most of the coal-fired boilers are exported abroad.

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