Operating cost of biomass pellet steam boiler



Operating cost of biomass pellet steam boiler! The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clarified the content of the three major battles. Pollution prevention and control are the top priority and bear the brunt. The sulfur content of the flue gas of biomass pellet steam boilers is much lower than that of coal-fired boilers, and the operating cost is lower than that of gas-fired boilers. It is an environmentally friendly furnace supported by the government and welcomed by users.

  Biomass pellet steam boiler operating costs include: fuel costs, water costs, electricity costs, daily maintenance costs, labor costs, etc. The details are as follows:

1. Fuel cost

  The heating capacity of the boiler is calculated in kcal, taking 10 steam tons as an example, the heating capacity is 6 million Kkcal

  The thermal efficiency is 82%

  The calorific value of biomass pellet fuel is 4200Kkcal/kg

  10 steam tons of biomass pellet steam boiler fuel consumption = boiler heating capacity ÷ thermal efficiency ÷ fuel calorific value = 6 million Kkcal ÷ 82% ÷ 4200Kkcal/kg=1742kg/h

  10 steaming tons of biomass pellet steam boiler fuel cost = fuel price * fuel consumption = 0.8 yuan / kg * 1742kg/h = 1393.6 yuan

  To sum up, the fuel cost to produce 1 ton of steam is 139 yuan

Biomass pellet steam boiler

2. Water fee

  Steam boiler operation should take into account the heat loss of blowdown. The water volume required by a 1 ton steam boiler in one hour = 1×0.01+1=1.1t

  Industrial water 4.1 yuan/m³

  To sum up, the water fee required to produce 1 ton of steam is 4.51 yuan

3. Electricity bill

  The electrical auxiliary equipment of the biomass pellet steam boiler mainly includes a feeder, a slag discharger, a blower, an induced draft fan, a secondary fan, a water make-up pump, and a condensing circulating pump. The control cabinet uses weak current, and its power consumption is negligible.

4. Daily maintenance costs

  Biological material boilers operate all year round. In order to ensure the stability of their operation and use effect, regular maintenance is required. The maintenance cost of 1 steam ton boiler is 2000 yuan/year

5. Labor costs

  The boiler runs 24 hours a day, and the firemen can choose three shifts

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