Clean the inside and outside of the boiler before shutting down the condensing gas boiler



  1. Internal cleaning of condensing gas boiler

  Internal cleaning operations, mechanical cleaning or chemical cleaning can be used. When the scale is thick or hard, first use the chemical cleaning method, and then use the mechanical cleaning method. When the chemical cleaning method is adopted, it must be strictly in accordance with national regulations to prevent corrosion damage to the boiler caused by random washing. Chemical cleaning should be carried out by a professional unit approved by the relevant department. The mechanical cleaning method is to remove limescale with tools such as a hammer. The inspection after cleaning the condensing gas boiler is a very important task. Neglecting this work may cause accidents during operation, so take it seriously.

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  The inspection contents after internal cleaning are as follows:

  1. Whether the cleaning is complete, especially whether there is any residue of scale in the place subject to high temperature.

  2. Check whether the water level gauge, pressure gauge, automatic control joints and the entrance and exit of each pipe have been cleaned and whether they are blocked by sundries.

  3, whether tools, bolts, etc. are left in the boiler.

  4. Check whether the partition of the drum, the steam-water separation device, etc., are installed in the correct position.

  5. Check all parts for corrosion and damage, and record the degree of damage if any.

  2. External cleaning of condensing gas boiler

  External cleaning is divided into manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning. When cleaning manually, use the soot blowing method for pyrotechnic tubes and slits that are out of reach. In addition, the following special methods can also be used for boilers of different structures, but brick walls and refractory materials should not be wetted.

  1. Steam soaking method. After spraying with steam, the ash is removed.

  2, water soaking method. After spraying with water, the ash is removed.

  3. Washing method. Use a lot of PH=8-9 water for washing. With this method, it must be a structure suitable for washing without touching the refractory brick wall.

  4. There are other special cleaning methods such as sandblasting and steel ball spraying.

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