How to deal with problems in the combustion of condensing gas boilers



  In the combustion process of the condensing gas boiler, once backfire or defire occurs, the cause should be quickly identified and dealt with in time.

Condensing gas boiler

  1. First, check whether the gas pressure of the condensing gas boiler is normal or not. If the pressure is too low, check the entire gas pipeline. If the pressure of the main gas supply pipeline in the boiler room decreases, first check the inlet pressure of the regulator in the regulating station. When it is found to be reduced, contact the gas supply station in time to request to increase the pressure of the gas supply; if the inlet pressure is not normal, check whether the regulator is faulty and eliminate it in time. At the same time, you can put in the backup regulator and open the bypass valve . If the above measures are still ineffective, check whether there is leakage in the entire gas pipeline of the condensing gas boiler and whether the valve that should be closed is closed. If only the pressure of the gas pipeline in front of the boiler is reduced, check whether each valve on the pipeline is Normal, whether the opening is appropriate, and whether there is leakage. When the gas pressure cannot be restored to the normal value, the data of the operating burner should be reduced, and the load operation should be reduced until the boiler operation is stopped.

  2. If the fuel pressure of the condensing gas boiler is too high, check whether the regulating valves on the entire gas pipeline are normal. Secondly, check whether the opening of the air door of the boiler burner is appropriate, and check the total air pressure on the air duct and the front of the burner. Whether the wind pressure is too high, and make corresponding adjustments.

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