What are the hazards of pressure rise and over-temperature operation of condensing gas boilers



  1. Condensing gas boiler boost

  A. Boiler boosting, using the circulating gas volume and temperature entering the waste heat boiler and adjusting the boiler main steam pipe release valve to control the boosting speed, and perform various operations during startup according to regulations. The specific boosting plan is based on the CDQ waste heat boiler Boost scheme is carried out;

gas boiler

  B. Main control parameters during the process of heating and boosting:

  The temperature difference between the upper and lower walls of the steam drum ≤40℃;

  The temperature change rate of all flue gas side temperature measurement points is less than 100℃/h;

  The saturation temperature change rate of the steam drum is limited to 56°C/h;

  The change rate of the metal wall temperature of the steam drum is less than 56℃/h;

  C. Continuously check the expansion of the condensing gas boiler during the boosting process, especially the expansion of the lower part of the boiler. If the expansion is found to be abnormal, the boosting should be stopped immediately and corresponding measures shall be taken to eliminate it.

  2. What are the hazards of over-temperature operation of condensing gas boilers?

  (1) The material aging speed is accelerated;

  (2) The creep rate of the material is accelerated;

  (3) The durable strength of the material decreases. Taking the 12Cr1MoVG material as an example, when the metal temperature is 540°C, the permanent strength is 124MPa; when the metal temperature is 570°C, the permanent strength is 85MPa. It can be seen that although the temperature has increased by 30°C, the endurance strength has been reduced by 30%.

  (4) High temperature corrosion occurred in the pipes on the flue gas side of the third and fourth stage superheaters. In short, when the main steam temperature is too high, the mechanical strength of the high-temperature metal parts will decrease, and the creep speed will increase, which will result in equipment damage or shortened service life.

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