How much do you know about the characteristics and types of biomass boilers?



  In many large boiler factories and coal mine enterprises, biomass boilers can be seen to play an important role. The equipment mainly uses biomass energy as fuel for boilers, which are mainly divided into biomass steam boilers, biomass hot water boilers, and more biomass. Hot air stove, biomass heat conduction oil stove and other specifications. So, how much do you know about the characteristics and types of biomass boilers?

biomass boiler

  We will find that the characteristics of the biomass boiler are more obvious, the operation method is simple, and the degree of automation is relatively high. It is mainly equipped with oil (gas) ignition burner, automatic ash removal device, and there is an economizer at the tail, which can also be customized according to user needs. The air preheater is arranged to realize the ignition automation, including the feeding, combustion, slag removal, water supply, and ignition of the boiler equipment are automatically controlled. The boiler has an ash removal device that can remove the ash on the heating surface of the boiler. So as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the boiler.

  An economizer is arranged at its tail, which can greatly improve its coal-burning efficiency. The exhaust gas temperature is relatively low. It is made of high-efficiency insulation materials and has less heat loss. Each boiler equipment must undergo strict inspection and inspection before leaving the factory. Test (hydraulic test and X-ray detection), the advantages of this biomass boiler equipment are energy saving and environmental protection, easy to install and use.

  Do you have a clear understanding of the characteristics and types of biomass boilers? The boiler equipment has high combustion efficiency, high degree of automation, energy saving and environmental protection, and has a wide range of applications. The boiler's exhaust gas temperature is low, which can effectively improve its work efficiency. There are many types of biomass boilers in the market, mainly including horizontal biomass boilers, vertical biomass boilers, biomass gas heat conduction oil boilers, biomass steam boilers, etc., which are used in actual enterprises. Among them, the biomass boiler equipment can be selected according to actual needs.

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