Reasonably control the outlet water temperature of the condensing gas boiler



  In the actual working process of the condensing gas boiler, the heating situation will continue to change. When the weather changes, the total heat demand of the boiler heating zone will change accordingly. During the day, the heat demand situation during the day and night is also different. This requires the condensing gas boiler to adjust the gas and air delivery volume scientifically and reasonably according to the total heat demand at all times to ensure the boiler’s performance. Operational efficiency can ensure the necessary heat demand and supply without wasting gas resources.

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  At this stage, there are more low-nitrogen burners with electronic proportional adjustment. For this kind of burners, the outlet water temperature is adjusted and controlled through a single-loop PID. On this basis, the set value of the outlet water temperature and the actual outlet temperature are detected. The difference of the value, adjust the fuel valve to make it gradually reach a reasonable state. In this process, if in order to achieve the best combustion effect, the oxygen content of the flue gas can also be directly increased to ensure sufficient oxygen in the air.

  Generally speaking, the combustion control algorithm has a certain manual guidance function. Specifically, the operating time of the condensing gas boiler can be set by manual independent setting, from the ignition of the boiler to its full-load operation. The time required for different types of boilers is also different. When the condensing gas boiler is running under load, the internal combustion control software will adjust the compliance of the boiler according to the actual temperature change. If the temperature difference is large, usually the condensing gas boiler will use full-open combustion, and the dynamic adjustment of intelligent software can make the boiler with full load run smoothly to reduce the waste of fuel.

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