How to save energy in the oil-fired steam boiler used in the cigarette factory



  In the cigarette production process, in order to ensure the normal operation of the silk-making line process equipment and HVAC equipment, the large amount of steam required by the cigarette factory is mostly provided by the oil-fired steam boiler. However, the energy consumption of oil-fired steam boilers accounts for about 1/3 of the total energy consumption of cigarette factories. Therefore, how to reduce the energy consumption of steam boilers through reasonable transformation is the focus of energy-saving and consumption-reducing work of cigarette factories.

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  The steam power required by the production process of the cigarette factory determines that the exhaust gas temperature of the enterprise's boiler is about 250%. Therefore, the cigarette factory has great energy saving potential in terms of the recovery and utilization of the flue gas and the reduction of the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler. In a Sui state, for every 15-20% decrease in the exhaust gas temperature, the boiler thermal efficiency will increase by approximately 1%. However, in practical applications, the lower the exhaust heat temperature of the boiler flue gas is, the better. If the exhaust gas temperature is too low, the wall temperature of the low-temperature heating surface will be lower than the acid dew point, causing serious corrosion of the metal on the heating surface, and endangering the safety of boiler operation.

  Cigarette Factory Oil-fired Steam Boiler Flue Gas Recovery Modification:

  (1) Install a non-pressure energy saver, which uses high-temperature flue gas to exchange heat with the heat pipe to increase the boiler's make-up water temperature, thereby reducing the energy consumption of the boiler to heat the make-up water to saturated steam.

  (2) Install a flue gas detection device to monitor the excess air coefficient in real time, and make corresponding adjustments to the air intake of the boiler burner according to the size of the excess air coefficient, so that the excess air coefficient is always kept at the best state of 1.2 ~ 1.3 .

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