Will the condensing boiler explode when it is short of water?



  1. If there is a serious shortage of water, the drum will burn red, and the drum will explode or burst if water enters it again;

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  2. If the water shortage of the condensing boiler is only below the water level gauge, the water level cannot be seen, the water shortage is not serious and the drum has not been dried, the water will not explode, but the part heated by the flame that is already lacking may be caused by the water intake. , The large temperature difference causes deformation and cracking of parts.

  3. Condensing boilers generally have interlocking function, but some boilers are not equipped with protection devices or when the protection devices fail or fail, they cannot protect the boiler.

  Whether it will explode or not depends on the state of the condensing boiler, that is, the state of the heat-absorbing surface such as the drum and water wall, and the water level in the drum. If the water level in the furnace is below the safe water level and can no longer be seen, the heat-absorbing surfaces such as the drum and the water wall have been severely overheated and red. At this time, adding water will cause vaporization, and the overheated steel plate will shrink and tear sharply when exposed to cold water. The pressure causes water vapor to be injected, the lighter one bursts, and the heavy one explodes. If the water level in the furnace is above the safe water level, the problem is not big.

  If the water level is found to be invisible below the safe water level line, immediately turn off the induced draft fan, open all furnace doors, open the top vent valve or safety valve, and treat it after the condensing boiler is cooled and pressured.

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