What are the reasons for the explosion of the boiler?



  Boiler is one of special equipment and belongs to the scope of pressure vessel. It is not only closely related to people’s lives but also widely used in industrial needs. Therefore, the safe operation of boilers is particularly important. However, there are many boiler explosions every year. Today ZhongDing Boiler and everyone will analyze the reasons for the explosion of the boiler.

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Boiler pressure is too high

  Boilers can be divided into atmospheric boilers and pressure-bearing boilers. Ambient pressure boilers means that the boiler has no pressure and remains unblocked with the outside world. Generally speaking, this type of boiler will rarely experience boiler explosions, while pressure-bearing boilers are Working pressure boilers, such as common steam boilers, are pressure-bearing boilers. If the boiler pressure is too high during operation, which exceeds the pressure range of the boiler itself, it will easily cause the boiler pressure gauge to fail and the safety valve to be unsafe, which will cause the boiler to explode. accident.

Improper operation

  Boilers need professional boiler workers to perform operations. If the boiler workers have not received relevant boiler training, they do not know how to operate the boiler correctly, and cannot make correct judgments in time when emergencies occur, which may lead to dangerous accidents.

Unqualified product

  Before the boiler is installed and used, it needs to go to the local department for filing and boiler inspection. However, some small manufacturers produce boilers that do not have qualified products, and the boiler manufacturing is not implemented in accordance with strict standards. This unqualified product will inevitably increase The risk of boiler explosion, causing huge losses.

Too much limescale

  The long-term combustion of the boiler causes a large amount of scale in the boiler body. If the scale is not cleaned, it will cause uneven heating of the heating surface in the boiler body, resulting in unstable pressure, and of course the boiler will explode.

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