Analyze the causes of scale formation in oil and gas boilers



  There are many problems encountered in the daily operation of oil and gas boilers. Water softening equipment is a raw water pretreatment device for boiler scale. The presence of calcium and magnesium ions in the water is the main reason for the formation of scale when the water temperature changes, which easily deteriorates the steam quality. Among them, scale is the main source of harm. The existence of scale has great hidden dangers to the efficiency and safety of boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment during operation. Therefore, in the mandatory specifications (industrial boiler water quality specifications, etc.), there are very strict regulations on the hardness of the boiler water supply. Boiler water softening equipment has become the necessary equipment matching the boiler.

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  The reason why the water quality becomes hard:

  1. The resin is not regenerated well. But the inlet water pressure is low or there is no water inlet. Sequential stroke action. The saturation concentration is not reached.

  2. Low salt concentration.

  3, the controller sequence is disordered, or the moving parts in the valve cavity are stuck.

  This situation is mostly caused by rust in the pipeline, poor quality of influent water, and dissolved gas. This kind of water (scaling is mainly calcium, the raw water of the oil and gas boiler feed water may contain impurities: suspended solids, colloids, organic matter, inorganic salts, heavy metal ions. Magnesium ions) if it is not treated, once it enters the oil and gas boiler, it will It will cause harm. When suspended solids, colloids, and inorganic salts are heated or greater than their saturated concentration, they will settle and precipitate, forming sludge and scale, which greatly affects the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler and the boiler water cycle, fuel waste, heating surface damage, and boiler The output drops and the cleaning volume increases.

  The furnace wall is cracked, bulged, or exploded. When the scale is serious, serious accidents such as blockage of furnace tubes, waterways, boiler shutdown and boiler explosion, etc. occur. The boiler shutdown causes freezing and cracking of production equipment and heating equipment also occur from time to time. During chemical cleaning and descaling, improper pickling or frequent pickling seriously affects the life of the oil and gas boiler and pollutes the environment.

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