The heaters installed in the waste heat boiler should be inspected regularly



  The heaters installed in the waste heat boiler should be inspected regularly, and a low oil temperature interlock protection device should be adopted to prevent the condensate from flowing backwards in the operation of oil-fired boilers, waste heat boilers and coal-fired boilers. It is an important sign of modern progress, and users may regard the condensate produced by the boiler as a leak.

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  It is recommended to select alloy steel materials and mix them evenly to eliminate noise sources as much as possible. Take its excess air ratio as an example. Add condenser. Moreover, the state of the equipment is judged together with loud noises. Because the fuel turns into gas after passing through the oil-fired boiler and then wets the metal surface of the boiler, many boiler users find dust holes or water droplets when using the boiler. There are water droplets or water flow in the furnace sometimes.

  Waste heat boiler pressure gauge is usually used for boiler pressure measurement. Its design and installation usually consider the following aspects:

  (1) Each boiler is equipped with a pressure gauge directly connected to the steam space of the drum. The pressure gauge should be installed in the feed water regulating valve to separate the economizer outlet, the superheater outlet and the main steam valve.

  (2) The boiler or working medium is a high-temperature steam pressure vessel. The pressure gauge is equipped with a drain pipe to condense the steam in the elbow to prevent high-temperature steam from directly entering the spring tube of the pressure gauge. The components in the watch are overheated and deformed, which will affect the accuracy of the meter. When steel pipes are used as drain pipes, the inner diameter should not be less than 10 mm. A three-way cock should be installed between the pressure gauge and the trap to clean the pipeline and to change and check the pressure gauge.

  (3) Draw a red line on the dial of the pressure gauge according to the allowable pressure of the boiler or pressure vessel. However, please do not apply the red wire to the glass of the pressure gauge to avoid the feeling of rotating glass and cause an accident.

  (4) For pressure vessels with high temperature, strong corrosive or high viscosity media, a liquid filling device or a corrosion-resistant corrugated flat diaphragm pressure gauge should be installed on the connecting pipe between the pressure gauge and the vessel.

  (5) The location where the pressure gauge is installed should be illuminated for the operator to observe and inspect. In order to prevent the pressure gauge from being affected by radiant heat, low temperature and vibration.

  (6) In order to facilitate the replacement and calibration of the pressure gauge, a three-way cock should be installed between the pressure gauge and the pressure-bearing equipment. The cock shall be installed on the vertical pipe section, and shall have an opening mark and a locking device.

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