Talking about the energy-saving effect and structural characteristics of hot water boiler



  With the improvement of hot water boilers, the equipment has risen in the automation of operation and control. The combustion state and water temperature of the hot water boiler can be operated through the system console during use. This type of furnace is simple to operate and can intuitively observe the operating status of the boiler. It is mostly used for commercial purposes, such as: hotel boiler system, school district heating Heating and heating by institutions such as heating, and small and medium-sized enterprises also use more heating.

zhongding hot water boiler

  Just talked about the scope of use and operating advantages of the hot water boiler. Next, let’s take a look at its structural features. Unlike traditional steam boilers, it uses a three-pass threaded smoke tube as the heat transfer pipe, and the threaded smoke tube can directly enhance the transmission. Function to increase thermal efficiency and reduce heat loss. The editor recommends that users can combine the low combustion chamber configuration when using it, which can increase the circulation of water. The main structure and the smoke tube adopt an integrated welding mode to make the boiler run stably. The hot water boiler generally has an observation eye in the front smoke chamber to check the situation in the furnace, and the rear combustion chamber has a detachable smoke chamber door. It is easy to maintain and clean. Existing hot water boilers are more beneficial in soot than coal-fired or biomass-fired boilers. Gas-fired boilers and coal-fired boilers have different combustion methods, which also determine their thermal efficiency and smoke exhaust. Many users choose hot water boilers or steam boilers instead of coal-fired or biomass-fueled boilers not only to comply with relevant boiler room renovation standards, but also the trend of the times.

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