Talking about the cleaning of the gas boiler after a long time operation



  After long-term operation of gas boilers, scale and rust problems will inevitably occur. The main reason for boiler scale formation is the hardness of the feed water. After continuous evaporation and concentration at high temperature and high pressure, a series of physical, The chemical reaction will eventually form hard and dense scale on the heating surface, resulting in reduced heat transfer and corrosion factors under the scale, which will reduce the heat absorption of the water-cooled fireplace of the gas boiler, increase the temperature of the furnace outlet, and increase the equipment loss. At the same time, the scaling in the water wall reduces the heat transfer effect, which may cause the tube wall temperature to increase and cause the tube to burst, which affects the safe operation of the equipment.

Talking about the cleaning of the gas boiler after a long time operation

  Scale is an important hazard of gas-fired boilers and the main cause of equipment accidents. Its hazard is mainly manifested as a waste of a lot of fuel. Because the thermal conductivity of scale is small, the heat transfer will be hindered when the heating surface is scaled. In order to maintain the specific output of the equipment, the temperature of the fire side must be increased, which will cause heat loss due to outward radiation and smoke exhaust. The gas boiler can now be cleaned with a high-efficiency environmentally friendly non-corrosive cleaning agent, so that the gas boiler tubes are exposed to the original metal color, and the impact of scaling and biological algae sludge can be reduced. At the same time, it has a peeling effect on iron oxide and ferrous oxide, which can extend the service life of the equipment, reduce energy consumption, and increase productivity.

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