Briefly describe the main components of the gas boiler and the maintenance of its various systems



  The main components of gas boilers:

Briefly describe the main components of the gas boiler and the maintenance of its various systems

  1. Combustor: The combustor integrates electricity, appliances, oil, and gas. A high degree of integration and a high degree of automation are the focus of boiler system maintenance.

  2. Boiler body: The boiler body is the main component to realize the conversion of thermal energy. Computer control system: The computer control system is the core component of the entire boiler operation and is also the command of the boiler.

  Maintenance of each system:

  Burner maintenance: clean up the burner turntable, ignition device, filter, oil pump, motor and impeller system, and add lubricant to the damper connecting rod device. Re-test the burning situation.

  Controller maintenance: check and repair electrical components, control circuits, clean the dust collection of the control box, and perform inspections at each control point. Carry out sealing treatment. Prevent the controller components from getting wet.

  Water supply system maintenance: overhaul the water treatment device, check whether the water quality meets the standard, clean the water treatment system, check the operation and head of the water supply pump, and check whether the pipeline valves can be used flexibly, etc. Shut off water and electricity, close the valve after each system is full of water.

  Furnace body maintenance: In order to make the boiler operate economically, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the boiler during daily use. This is also an important measure to prevent the reduction of thermal efficiency and avoid deterioration of use conditions and boiler accidents.

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