Introduce common faults and solutions of gas boiler burners



  Common faults and solutions of gas boiler burners

  1. Connect the gas boiler to the power supply, press start, the motor does not rotate

  cause of issue:

  (1) Insufficient air lock;

  (2) Insufficient solenoid valve, air leakage at the joint, check the lock;

  (3) The thermal relay is open;

  (4) At least one condition loop has not been established (water level, pressure, temperature and whether the program controller has been powered on).


  (1) Adjust the air pressure to the specified value.

  (2) Clean or repair solenoid valve pipe joints;

  (3) Press the reset button to check whether the component is damaged and the motor current;

  (4) Check whether the water level, pressure, and temperature exceed the limits.

  2. It is normal to start purging, but it will not catch fire

  cause of issue:

  (1) Insufficient electric fire gas;

  (2) The solenoid valve does not work (main valve, ignition valve);

  (3) The solenoid valve is burned out;

  (4) The air pressure is unstable;

  (5) Excessive air volume.

  Investigation measures:

  (1) Check the wiring and repair it;

  (2) Replace with a new one;

  (3) Adjust the air pressure to the specified value;

  (4) Reduce air distribution and reduce the opening of the damper

  3. No ignition, normal air pressure, no ignition when energized

  cause of issue:

  (1) The ignition transformer is burned out;

  (2) The high-voltage line is damaged or dropped;

  (3) The gap is too large or too small, the relative size of the ignition rod position;

  (4) The electrode is damaged or the ground is short-circuited;

  (5) The distance is inappropriate.

  Remedial measures:

  (1) Renewal;

  (2) Reinstall or replace;

  (3) Readjust;

  (4) Reinstall or replace;

  (5) Readjust.

  Turn off after 4, 5S

  cause of issue:

  (1) The air pressure is insufficient, the pressure drop is too large, and the air supply flow is low;

  (2) The air volume is too small, the combustion is insufficient, and the smoke is thick;

  (3) The air volume is too large and white gas appears.


  (1) Re-adjust the air pressure and clean the filter;

  (2) Readjust;

  (3) Readjust.

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