How to ensure the saving of natural gas costs for household gas boilers



  In our winter heating products, we gradually use natural gas household gas boilers instead of coal-fired boilers. Household gas boilers are very convenient to use, but people may worry that the cost of natural gas is too expensive, so how can household gas boilers save natural gas costs? ? Below we remind you a few ways to save gas.

How to ensure the saving of natural gas costs for household gas boilers

  When we use domestic gas boilers, in order to save the cost of using natural gas, we can turn off or lower the radiator valves in unoccupied rooms. It is not advisable to turn off the wall-hung boiler when there is no one at home during work. Adjust the temperature range to the lowest. If you If you are on a long-term business trip or have not lived yet, drain the water in the wall-hung boiler and the radiator. These three methods can save the gas cost of the household gas boiler.

  The specific method of saving gas costs for household gas boilers is: if the housing area is larger, the rooms are more, and the population is relatively small, then the radiator valves of the rooms that are not occupied or used frequently can be closed or reduced, which is equivalent This reduces the heating area, which not only saves energy, but also accelerates the heating temperature rise in the normally used space, reducing gas consumption; many office workers are used to turning off the boiler when no one is at home, and then heating the boiler after get off work. This approach is unscientific. Because this is equivalent to starting from the beginning, due to the large temperature difference between the room temperature and the set temperature of the boiler, the boiler needs time to run on fire. This will not save energy, but will waste gas and increase the time for residents to freeze, and some boilers or radiators will be frozen. The danger of being bad. Therefore, before you go to work, as long as the boiler heating temperature adjustment knob is adjusted to the "0" position, after you get off work, adjust the boiler heating position to the temperature you need; it is recommended to ask the relevant personnel to adjust the boiler and heating The water in the film is discharged cleanly, so that not only can the gas be not used, and there is no need to worry about the boiler or the radiator being frozen.

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