Why does the water quality in the gas boiler turn yellow? What's the reason?



  The water in the gas boiler plays a role of circulation, which can make the furnace surface heat more evenly. Improper treatment of boiler water will bring about many adverse effects. For example, if the PH value is too high, it will affect later scaling and corrosion problems. If the hardness of the boiler water is high, it will cause the boiler water to scale due to evaporation, and the hot water boiler is relatively more susceptible to corrosion. But after using the boiler for a long time, the water in the boiler tends to turn yellow. Why is this?

Why does the water quality in the gas boiler turn yellow? What's the reason?

  1. The yellowing of water quality is due to the addition of soft water, which is too acidic, which will easily cause the boiler to rust and cause corrosion of the stove. Therefore, it is recommended that you add high alkaline water with a pH range of 8-10.

  2. It may be caused by rust stains left over in the past, so just clean it after going through the boiler.

  3. The pipe material of the boiler also affects the water body. Carbon steel is a material that is easy to rust. It will inevitably rust after long-term immersion in water, and the water quality will be contaminated, so a heat exchanger must be added. It is recommended to replace the stainless steel tube to completely solve this problem.

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