Can the gas boiler be cleaned? What are some good ways?



  When the gas boiler has been used for a long time, a large amount of scale and stains will accumulate in the furnace, which will affect the heating performance of the boiler and increase the power consumption. So cleaning is necessary. Many friends have consulted our manufacturer and said it can be cleaned? Our answer is yes, and we must develop the habit of regular cleaning, which is also good for prolonging life. Write it down and the manufacturer will introduce you to the cleaning method.

Can the gas boiler be cleaned

  If a large amount of scale accumulates in a gas boiler, it is very likely to cause different degrees of corrosion to the bottom of the boiler. Cleaning can improve the safety of the boiler and reduce waste of resources.

  1. Tool cleaning

  Stop the boiler, pour out the water in the furnace, and try out the shovel, wire brush and motorized pipe milling device for descaling. This is a low-cost and quick-resulting method. But only suitable for small stoves. 2. Chemical descaling

  Most of the   pickling and descaling methods use hydrochloric acid or nitric acid to clean. The pickling solution is composed of hydrochloric acid plus corrosion inhibitor or nitric acid plus corrosion inhibitor. This kind of pickling liquid can not only eliminate the scale in the boiler (when removing the nitrate salt scale, hydrofluoric acid needs to be added), but also seldom corrodes the gas boiler. Pickling and descaling have dissolving, stripping and loosening effects.

  3. Hair dryer descaling

  If you don't have an air compressor or a vacuum cleaner with a hair dryer, then the old-fashioned hair dryer will help you. However, do not use canned air. This is a potentially serious safety hazard, because many of these products contain flammable propellants. No matter what kind of blower is used, when blowing out dust, make sure not to rotate the fan blades, which will damage the motor.

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